The Adulwulf Chronicles

The Adulwulf Chronicles is a supernatural/paranormal series with mystery, ghosts, vampires, were animals, and witches.  It is set in our world with the supernatural community being apart of our world.  Here sometimes the monster's don't always have fangs.

Follow Kirsa Heinrich and her group of friends and co-workers as they travel throughout the east coast solving horrible crimes that involve the supernatural community.  Along the way Kirsa will learn you can't save everyone.

Kirsa's world shattered five years ago.  Now Kirsa is being dragged into a grisly case that will force her to face her past once and for all. 

Dreams are just a shadow of reality...Faires are forbidden from summoning Demonsfrom outside their realm.  Yet ten years ago one did and now lives in a never ending nightmare.  Everyone thought they were safe from her until four teenagers begin to fall under her spell.  Is Kiras too Late to save all of them?

For many teen in New Jersey, Driving to the different haunted sites is a rite of passage. It's all fun, a good scare, and a few laughs afterwards. What's the harm? Ghosts can't kill you. 

When bodies of teenagers start to show up at these sites, Kirsa is called in. But this killer is more sinister and is playing a deadly game. 

The Sacred Accord Series

During the Spanish Inquisition and the Witch Hunts, Five supernatural groups created a document that promoted Peace amongst them in order to survive the mortals around them.  

Now, what has been known as The Accords, is being put to the test as a series of murders occur in New York City.  

Danika Joseph is thrust to the center of the case with her unique ability to see the crimes.  Yet even with the team behind her, they all realize that these murders are part of a bigger picture that could destroy their very foundation. 

Sacred Dark will introduce you to this world where the supernatural live alongside the mortals.  Where they are governed by not only mortal law but the Accords as well.  Where each character will be tested.

Sacred Dark will be released in Fall 2019.

Fallen Descent 

(and possible sequels)

What if your ancestor made a deal with the Devil hundreds of years before you were born? What if the Devil didn't think he got his payment? 

Ana Gerfallen's family are descendants of Johan Faust, who made a deal with the Devil for infinite knowledge.  And the Devil, he doesn't think Faust lived up to his agreement.  In modern day New York City, Ana is fighting a battle to end the curse placed on her family.  Join her as lines are blurred, truth's are learned, and where Demons and Angels both walk amongst the residents of NYC.