• Meg Castro

Rambles from too many sleepless nights

The last two weeks have been, well, intense. Between everything that is going on in our country, and just in my life it's been a lot.

My day job is amazing. I teach at a special education school, it's amazing. I love it. But there are days where it's tiring. Days when you're walking with a student around the neighborhood of the school until they are calmed down enough, dealing with student's fear of telling their parents something about them because they're afraid they'll be kicked out of the house. That's on top of dealing with the Pandemic. We try to stay in-person as much as possible. We take all the precautions we can to ensure we're all safe. But we also understand that for our kids being in school is better for them than when we go remote.

I'm also a mom to a special ed kid and this has been hard on him. He's in fifth grade, he's hybrid because that what's best for him. When he's remote, it's hard. There is nothing we can do and I hate feeling helpless when it comes to being a parent. At the same time he also blossoming into this amazing person and I love watching it.

Then there is the writing. I have way too many ideas floating around in my head that it's hard to sleep. Then there is the when should I put out the current book that is finished, is now a bad time? Should I wait and see what the spring brings? or the summer? It's just the uncertainty of everything has my brain on over load.

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