Five years ago Kirsa's world shattered around her. Now she has been slowly rebuilding her life and picking up the pieces of her past. One phone call changes all of that forcing her to return to the very place her world had broken.

Vampires, were-animals, and other supernatural creatures are being slaughtered in a grisly fashion. Kirsa, an agent sworn to protect the supernatural, is called in to solve the murders. To do so she must return to her hometown and face the life she had left behind.
Along with those close to her, Kirsa must race against the clock to solve the murders. Which each crime scene it becomes apparent that her past is not behind her. Someone is taunting her with each turn. 
As she unlocks clues, she learns that what happened five years ago isn't over. Someone is willing to kill to keep long-buried secrets about her family hidden. Will she make it in time? Will the secrets that she uncovers shake the world of the supernatural to its core? Or is it all part some mad man's twisted game?

Shattered Past

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