Dreams are just a shadow of reality...
Faeries are forbidden from summoning demons outside of their realm. Ten years ago Susannah Murphy, a water faery, did just that. And for the last decade, she has lived in a never-ending nightmare.
While most believe that she is safe from harming others, Kirsa is handed a case that seems all too familiar. Four teenagers throughout the East Coast are having nightmares about demons and a woman that looks like an angel. Still dealing with the aftermath of Lars' betrayal and the destruction from a recent hurricane, Kirsa is forced to revisit her own teenage years. Even with Sara and Sabrina to help, Kirsa knows that at some point she is going to come face to face with a person that had once been a friend.
Susannah is out for vengeance. For ten years she has lived trapped in her own mind. Now it's time for everyone else to live in their own nightmare. This time Susannah isn't going to settle until she has destroyed Kirsa's reality.

*** This was originally published as Shadow of a Dream in 2013 by EA Jensen. It was published shortly after Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast. While I did update the story I left the events of Sandy the same. If you did read the original, you might want to read this one as well. For I made some changes. The body count got a bit higher as I made Susannah a bit more dangerous. Enjoy.

Shattered Past: Book 2 in adulwulf series