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We welcome you to BH Press.  Here we focus on stories that go against the grain, take a twist on tales of old.  We bring you tales that are new as well, where they seem mundane but launch you into a world of mystery, magic, 
fantasy and other places you wish to travel.

What We Believe...

We are the rebels, the misfits, the ones that didn’t belong.  Here we belong, here we have a voice. Here everyone belongs no matter their path.  So, join us on this journey, and find your voice along the way.

Meg Castro

At age of thirteen,Meg made the discovery of a lifetime.  Her older brother's comic book collection as well as his fantasy novel collection.  So while he was off at college, Meg escaped into the world of fantasy and comics. Now she is an avid reader, reading pretty much everything there is.  When it comes to books and comics she can be very opinionated.


As an author, she blends the worlds of fantasy and horror with the everyday.  Under the pen name EA Jensen,she delved into the supernatural world.  The series takes place in a small town in Northern New Jersey.   Now writing under her own name she still writes about the supernatural and the things that go bump in the night.


 When she isn't writing in her fantasy world you can find her livingin the mountains of NJ with her husband, Son, Pepper the Cat, Lando the Dog, and three fish named after certain droids.


 She believes that the Truth is out there. 

Mark Lieberman

Mark Lieberman is a multi-facetedcreative with a well-defined focus in the film industry as a visual effects artist. His background in both creative and technical skills has gained him professional recognition across the spectrum of creative media. Mark’s professional accomplishments as an artist include dozens of television series and feature films, high-endcommercial advertisements, to more recentlyinnovations with virtual reality. He has also extended his experience to directing and producing on several music videos that have been featured on outlets such as MTV Networks. 


Mark was part of the Emmy Award-winning visual effects team for the television series Boardwalk Empire in 2010, and later earned credits for his work on Mr. Robot, Marco Polo, The Strain, Outcast and The Leftovers. His feature film body of work includes Anchorman 2, Hail Caesar!, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Giver, and Pompeii. He is currently on the post production team for the new Marvel series Iron Fist, set to release in 2017.


Outside of the film industry, Mark has explored other avenues for his creative talents, as his fine art photography work has been featured in exhibitions throughout New York City.

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Contact us: for publishing related questions contact bhpress16@gmail.com

                                                        to ask Meg questions use meg.castro30@gmail.com

Places We've Been and Places We'll Be and other important information:

Steampunkcon 2019

To those who ordered books.  You are amazing.  They have been shipped to me and with the holiday it's taking a bit longer than planned.  Emails will go out once I have them and are sending them off too you. 

Note: 7/9/19- all orders have been sent out.